Average Bombay Sunday

sdrdavIt was a late Sunday evening. Sundays, in Bombay, are heartwarmingly  peaceful. The kind of quiet you would want to listen to.

As I sit at my window pane of my twenty second floored apartment, I have the view of the queen’s necklace, cuff parade and navy nagar along with the shore. I’ve lived here for about 10 months now. and even now the view or this feeling doesn’t bore. It hasn’t made me think as the same old. and this is coming from someone who gets bored or rather, unappreciative of things at constant phase. You may call it lack of discipline. I refer to it as the want to try out new things, at an even pace. Like any average twenty year old, I want to master things, the art of doing things, and just gather knowledge from every walk of life. to have a sense of of the world. however, like every other twenty year old i’m also just awake from 2 hours at 330pm and baked.

But unlike a lot of twenty year olds, especially in India, I am a Delhite with a Bihari background living in Mumbai or Bombay, if I may,  in a flat with two of my girlfriends. I am an independent person, as I like to believe. However, my financial dependency makes me cringe at my arrogance, from time to time.

As I sit here, I can barely hear the traffic, as on Sunday the city likes to take it back, even on the roads. I do, however, hear the Bombay local trains, every few minutes as they pass by the Grant Road – Charni Road route.  Somewhere nearby there is some mild construction going on. It is the kind of quiet which along with the mild sea breeze made me want to write after a really long time. And like most twenty year olds, I believe this  i a a masterpiece but am reluctant to make anyone read. I fear the judgement which may trash my beliefs. But posting this here keeps me anonymous and the judgement doesn’t seem to be harsh, it is rather productive, at least to me.

-Just a twenty year old, trying to make it in this maze called life.